Monday 23 October 2017

Letters: Folly of making church whipping post of our times

Pope Francis. Photo: Reuters
Pope Francis. Photo: Reuters

Once again, Catholic Church bashing has become a national pastime. The appalling news from Tuam has released a plague of self-righteousness, but little by way of illumination. The Church is a very soft target and provides many with a welcome scapegoat for all our troubles.

We all have a lot to answer for but tend to see the world's ills as the fault of others. Hypocrisy has become an art form honed to perfection, wheeled out when the opportunity arises, and conveniently amplified by the tabloid press.

The fact that what is gratuitously asserted can be gratuitously denied does not get in the way of convenient caricatures of the Catholic Church. Intellectual dishonesty has become the hallmark of some so-called liberal minds.

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