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Let's support Leo

• I wish to congratulate Minister Leo Varadkar for his remarks on compulsory redundancies in the public sector (June 15).

For decades in this country we have accepted without question the principle of the "job for life" for those charged with running our health service. This led to the creation of the HSE -- a bloated and fundamentally dysfunctional organisation.

In spite of frequent well-documented displays of ineptitude resulting in appalling human suffering, in my understanding not a single bureaucrat in our health system has ever been fired. As a nation, we appear to have decided that the entitlement to permanent immunity from dismissal, regardless of performance, supersedes the basic right to a decent standard of healthcare.

It beggars belief that our trade union movement and their political allies continue to defend "jobs for life" for those with a proven record of failure. The consequences of this arrogance can be seen on the waiting lists and hospital trolleys of Ireland.

I believe Mr Varadkar is the first senior politician in the State who has had the courage to question this morally bankrupt culture. For that he deserves the gratitude and support of the nation.

Dr Ruairi Hanley MICGP
Kilskyre, Kells, Co Meath

Irish Independent