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Let's show we're a rational nation

Sir -- As a country in the middle of an economic crisis, it is difficult to understand the criticism surrounding the Queen's visit. At the same time we are witnessing a positive development -- Irish men and women, north and south from both sides presenting a united front. Those opposed to the visit should take note of the numbers of our citizens who are settling in the UK. Added to those of Irish descent, we are talking about millions. Proud of their Irish roots, they are equally proud of their adopted country -- highly respected communities who have rediscovered a voice and a dignity that manifests itself in the spirit of meaningful work. When our island was consumed by poverty they were the people who put food on the table for those at home -- true patriots and great ambassadors. Any unruly conduct during the Queen's tour would be a grave disservice not only to our emigrants but to all those who negotiated the peace process. There are many benefits accruing from this historic event. We can show the rest of the world we are a nation with rational judgment and resilience that symbolises the hard-won optimism of the survivor.

Liam Egan,

Mulgeeth, Enfield, Co Meath

Sunday Independent