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Let's remember plight of animals

I see that people cannot even watch dogs mauling each other to death without being attacked in Afghanistan (Irish Independent, February 18).

Normally I would sympathise with people who are doing their shopping when a bomb goes off, but people who go to watch dogs ripping each other apart?

Barbarians wiping out barbarians.

As Gandhi famously said, "You judge a nation by the way it treats animals".

Indeed. And in this event, that came back on 80 animal abusers. Proper order.

In this event, to put it in nauseous post 9/11 despot minority parlance, "God punished those present for being barbarians".

My thoughts go out entirely to the dogs involved.

I wish news reports of bombs going off at dog fights would report what matters -- the fate of the dogs involved.

It looks like a strange kind of 'democracy' the US has in Afghanistan, but they are not fully to blame: the madness has to be there in the first instance.


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