Thursday 23 November 2017

Let's clean out the Dail

Sir -- The people of Ireland are deeply unhappy. Our country is at a low ebb. We are sick to the teeth of politicians, greed, corruption, gangsters, parish pump politics; and the Opposition are pathetic. The thought of Enda Kenny as our next leader is nauseating to most people. The public service badly needs reform. Our health service and schools are in dire need of action.

The list of problems goes on and on, not to mention the banks. People are in a state of apathy. Who do you vote for? The others are just as bad, is many a person's response. I could fill a newspaper with the problems of politics, but I do have an alternative.

In the next general election, if every county put forward three or four independents and a coalition of independents was formed to gain a majority, they could overthrow the whole political class. Each county has three or four people of the calibre of David McWilliams, George Lee, Fintan O'Toole or Kevin Myers; people who for five years of their lives would work to sort this country out. They could revolutionise politics, abolish the Seanad, halve the number of TDs, increase the number of days the Dail sits and end the practice of politicians going to funerals and opening this and that. Let them sit behind their desks and put their country first. What a salivating thought to have David McWilliams as Finance Minister or Liam Mulvihill as Minster for Sport. You get the idea. Let's make history a reality. The future of Ireland and our children deserve this.

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