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Let us welcome diaspora home

Madam -- Elaine Byrne in last week's Sunday Independent hit the nail on the head: 'But what do the natives think of us, the diaspora?' when she stated coming home matters and they want to come home again soon.

Over the years, Tim Pat Coogan, David McWilliams and many others have highlighted the extent to which people with Irish blood across the world have a strong emotional attachment to Ireland.

Most people at home last weekend were unaware of how huge an undertaking and how big a deal the Notre Dame Vs Navy fixture in Dublin was. The city was vibrant, the craic was 90 and for anybody who witnessed any of the events, it was extraordinary beyond belief.

We are all now aware that 'The Gathering' is taking place next year and it is vitally important that "us" at home embrace this project with as much enthusiasm and passion as possible. In my book, the 70 million people who claim Irish ancestry are as Irish if not more so than some of the people born on the island of Ireland. Also let this relationship be a two-way process.

Let us follow the people of Poznan who looked after Irish supporters so well during the European Cup. They made a conscious decision to ensure that the Irish travellers had a good time, were safe and did not exploit them in any way.

The Jewish diaspora look to Israel, let the Irish connect with Ireland and let's welcome them home with the warmth and affection that, when we set our minds to it, we are the best in the world at.

Jim Jackman

Castleknock, Dublin 15

Simplistic Emer ignores choice

Madam -- Emer O'Kelly writing last week is simplistic in her criticism of the Catholic Church and Cardinal Brady in relation to abortion.

while it may suit her argument to focus on sin and damnation, as one who practises the faith, I consider what is right and wrong based on reflection of church teaching and my own conscience.

Surely it's logical to conclude that if you accept that all life is sacred and to be protected, this might result in you or your church leaders advocating against the death penalty, euthanasia and abortion, as the Cardinal has done.

Frank Browne,

Templeogue, Dublin 16

Sunday Independent