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Let speculators pay for damage

Sir -- I could not agree more with Carol Hunt's article (Sunday Independent, February 6, 2011) on property speculator Simon Kelly, and I look forward to her writing on the many others out there.

I also look forward to the day people, such as Kelly, having been called to account before the courts, end up spending time behind bars, having first been declared bankrupt and having lost all of their assets including those transferred to their spouses to avoid creditors' claims. For the untold damage these greedy, stupid speculators did to our economy by borrowing huge sums to pay to other stupid speculators to buy bits of Ireland at ever higher and higher prices, they deserve to do long time in the debtors' prison.

Anthony MacGabhann,

Herbert Road, Bray

Editorial was reprehensible

Sir -- As an Irish citizen living outside of Ireland, I find words are insufficient to convey how reprehensible your Editorial Comment last week was. If you have any self-respect -- or any genuine concern for the future of this country -- you will publish a full retraction of this editorial and an apology to the people of Germany and France and to their elected politicians and duly appointed officials.

The citizens of Germany and France have genuine and legitimate concerns about the future of the euro area -- and their elected politicians are facing major challenges. Irish politicians, officials and citizens need to engage with their European counterparts to identify shared concerns, to secure a common purpose, to understand and to be understood.

Your gross vilification and resort to lazy, outdated stereotypes risks undermining the engagement that is required.

Paul Hunt,

Haywards Heath, West Sussex

Sunday Independent