Monday 23 April 2018

Let justice belatedly be done

Madam –However belatedly, the current Anglo tapes have crystallised a certain anger and have made clear what we all suspected: namely that bankers, property developers and those in positions of power had, and still have, a cavalier attitude to debt, and to the social costs of their actions.

Anger is well and good, but what is needed is resolution. But no one is forced to take responsibility for their actions. So for bankrupting the country, people might endure a few days in court, some mild embarrassment when their lack of ability to do their job is gently pointed out, and then they retire to their pensions, state salaries and cosy lifestyles. It is the softly softly approach of a society that cannot bear to hold the great and the good to account.

I would suggest we set up a police, judicial and accountancy unit, like the CAB, to probe what laws were broken and to set out charges with the full force of law. Under fraud legislation, we should have the people who told the government that the banks had liquidity, but not solvency problems, charged with either fraud, for deceiving the Government about the true state of affairs, or criminal negligence if they did not know this true state of affairs.

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