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Sunday 22 July 2018

Leo's vision for society

Leo Varadkar Picture: Damien Eagers
Leo Varadkar Picture: Damien Eagers
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Sir - Leo Varadkar's vision for Ireland as set out in last week's Sunday Independent was very reasonable. Ireland has been sent into massive depressions after Fianna Fail governments as a matter of course due to their tendency to tax and squander. That said, the question arises who needs action when you have words?

The Fianna Fail Universal Service Charge is still largely in place and places an outrageous burden on workers. No other country in the world has a Universal Service Charge - so how is that universal? FG/Labour decimated private pensions to prop up the elites - legal but morally the same as the Northern Bank raid.

If we wanted just fine words we could vote for Sinn Fein who have the finest words -equality, fairness, etc but have the most outrageously unfair and unequal taxation policies.

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