Saturday 16 December 2017

Leo's lip

I was outraged to hear that Transport Minister Leo Varadkar has said: "Those who break the law one day should not expect protection from it the next." How dare he say such a thing. Just who does he think he is talking to? Does Leo believe that we elected his Government as dictators?

To make it simple for him, the majority in this land do not believe its citizens should be paying for the greed of the bankers. Making a law to "force" us to do so is the root of the problem. So, Leo, when you and your cronies make bad laws, do not expect law-abiding citizens to obey them. This is a democracy and you are getting your fat salary "by the people and of the people".

Rescind your bad household tax law, go back to the drawing board, and you might apologise to all of us while you are at it.

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