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Lenihan ignored plight of people

The 10-point plan proposed by David McWilliams in last Saturday's Irish Independent as a solution to Ireland's financial problems is innovative, bold, brave and entirely feasible.

The significant feature of the plan was the recommendation for the removal of the burden from the taxpayers and the shifting of, and sharing of, responsibility by our European overlords.

In contrast, Brian Lenihan's clinical response never once mentioned the plight of the taxpayer or any humane reference to the devastating repercussions in Irish family life which will inevitably ensue if the current four-year austerity plan is pursued.

Without consumer spending, which is the core premise in a buoyant economy, the current static nature of monetary circulation is a death knell for recovery and, if sustained, will surely result in sovereign default in the not too distant future.

The first priority of any democratic government is the welfare of its people and not inanimate entities such as banks and other financial establishments whose irresponsible behaviour has burdened the Irish people with enormous indebtedness at the behest of an uncaring Government.

With the current mood of the electorate one of seriously repressed anger, it would not be surprising to see the protest votes in the forthcoming election resulting in a party such as Sinn Fein gaining unprecedented votes to put them in contention for power-sharing.

Pat O'Grady Bournemouth

Irish Independent