Monday 23 October 2017

Legacy of Lockout lost in hypocrisy

Madam – It is with some bewilderment that I observe the excited and enthusiastic rush to commemorate the 1913 Lockout. I can't help wondering just what it is we are being asked to commemorate, and in particular I am aghast when I note the cast of characters aligned to cheerlead the commemorations.

The idea that the ruling centre-right political class should pose beside pictures of James Larkin and lecture us all about the importance of the event in the history of Ireland takes hypocrisy to a new level.

The political establishment remains the same no matter what the era. In 1913 the establishment unleashed the full force of its might against Larkin and his strikers. The pillars of the then establishment united to destroy, at all costs, what they saw as a threat to their god-given right to rule. We are now to believe that the current members of our establishment, politicians, media, professional elites etc, would react differently. I think not.

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