Saturday 16 December 2017

Learn to shake your booty

ACADEMIC conundrum of the week is: what do you get if you cross an Ivy League education with America's Next Top Model? That's right, girlfriend -- it's Rutgers University's controversial new "Beyonce studies" course.

Featuring contributions from "black feminists" (and presumably partial credits for being able to "shake ya booty") it was dreamed up by a white, male professor who is apparently drumming up publicity and pathetically trying to show that he's "down with the kids".

But all this sniping is really by way of asking if it's too late to apply for a scholarship. Our college days were wasted learning things that were supposedly going to earn us money. Though later we emerged into the real world and ending up paying the bills by often writing about ... um ... a certain large, empowered, black woman who taught us to love ourselves and make our booties touch the ground. And we don't even have booties -- we're white see -- so that really took some doing.

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