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Leap of faith . . . Coded message . . . Snob . . . Floozie

HAS President Mary McAleese been talking to Bertie Ahern: positivity, that's all we need?

I think it is perhaps time for Brian Cowen to be his own man, rather than Ahern's shadow. He, like everyone else, knows that we must remove the Irish taxpayer from the banking crisis; only then will our economy grow.

Cowen may be surprised to find that if we jump off that cliff we can in fact fly.

Pauline Bleach
New South Wales
THE Greens' introduction of postcodes may make business sense for cities and towns, but will spell the death knell for our rural townland names. Are these poetic and meaningful names, a legacy of our Gaelic past, to be replaced by codes? This is exactly what happened in the North when roads were renamed in English for the Royal Mail. Rural postmen know where we all live; codes will make their job more difficult. Can't the Greens get anything right? Their ugly, useless wind turbines, carbon tax, and now this unnecessary imposition on rural Ireland. Voters won't forget.
John McGilmoyle,
Manorhamilton, Co Leitrim

  • WHAT century does Barry Carroll live in? I have never -- and would never -- "dress up" to shop anywhere. I always wear what I feel comfortable in. And I would like to assure Mr Carroll that my choice of attire does not point to any lowering in "standards of...behaviour". Mr Carroll appears to be looking down his nose at those that do not live up to his archaic idea of what makes a person civilised.

Simon O'Connor
Crumlin, Dublin 12.

  • I JUST don't get it. We divide Dublin into multiple county council districts, then propose electing one overarching mayor on foot of new legislation -- a move which is not without expense. Shades of the Floozie in the Jacuzzi and the Chime in the Slime?

Michele Savage
Dublin 12

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