Saturday 16 December 2017

Laughing cows

• I always felt that the French had a touch of class (Henry's travail-a-main not withstanding) but now it appears that being a cow (of the bovine variety) in France has some rather special perks (French cows downing two bottles of wine a day, Irish Independent, July 11).

Gary Larson and 'The Far Side' are alive and (extremely) well in the Herault region of France. And it's not just any old plonk -- these "Vinbovin" are quaffing nearly a litre-and-a-half of vintage Saint-Genies des Mourgues a day.

So while Irish cows simply get to chew the cud and ponder the rainy days of summer, their French counterparts, with the sun on their backs, are literally lapping up the best that the Languedoc has to offer. No wonder they are "happy cows", as the article states -- I'd say they'd jump over the moon in a flash!

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