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Language offends

Sir -- To say that I was offended by Ms Sinead O'Connor's rant (Sunday Independent, Dec. 26, 2010) would only confirm to you your choice of opinion writer and standard of article for the Sunday before Christmas was spot on. Well done! For you can have had no other motive for approving this piece as acceptable journalism other than to offend Catholics.

Unlike most of your writers, I claim no constituency, no right to represent anyone. I would only like to know when it became acceptable in public discourse to refer to a senior cleric of any religion as an "asshole". A quick search of the word through the archives of your paper reveals no other religious or political leader ever being referred to in your opinion pages using such language.

Mark Lawler,


Churchill and Dev made up

Sir -- An article by John-Paul McCarthy (Sunday Independent, Dec. 26) is accompanied by an undated photograph of Churchill meeting De Valera. It was taken in 1953 at Downing Street. Churchill had invited his old adversary to dinner. In their twilight years the hostility between the two mellowed and they engaged in a limited correspondence and exchanged birthday greetings.

Fr Iggy O'Donovan,

Drogheda, Co Louth

Sunday Independent