Saturday 24 August 2019

Language of suicide can be difficult to hear

I refer to Patrick Strudwick's article (Irish Independent, March 30) regarding gay men in soccer.

It is unfortunate that Mr Strudwick used the word "committed" in the context of a suicide so many years after the once crime of suicide has been decriminalised. It is a regular occurrence that the word "committed" in the context of a suicide is still used liberally by both print and audio-visual media.

For the public, in general, and especially the families of those bereaved by suicide the more appropriate term to use is that someone "took their own life". Even two decades after suicide was decriminalised, the word "committed" is still hard to hear for someone who has lost a loved one in this sad manner.

Dr Jonathon Roth
Clancys Strand, Limerick

Irish Independent

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