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Laity can show the way forward

Sir -- Tim Pat Coogan's article "Why laity must choose bishops" (Sunday Independent, December 27, 2009) was a useful item to generate thought on this relevant topic.

It made me wonder how the laity in Ireland can/might come together with other members of the Church and get consensus regarding this issue and other such issues in the Catholic Church.

Is there enough interest among laity and others in the Church for this to happen?

It is obvious that this Church has failed miserably to involve the laity in so many important matters.

Where do we start?

Phil Cahill,

Holycross, Thurles

Martin has pure heart

Sir -- In relation to the clerical abuse scandal, the dodging, ducking and diving, fumbling, stumbling and bumbling and flapping, flipping and flopping of the ex-Dublin bishops is exactly what was expected by hardened cynics and pragmatists.

However, the pure goodness and august Christianity of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin shines brightly and gives huge hope to all victims.

Jerry Daly,

Tralee, Co Kerry

Look to past for solution

Sir -- Tim Pat Coogan's article (Sunday Independent, December 27) voiced a demand that future Irish Catholic bishops should be appointed in Ireland rather than imposed by the Vatican.

Galway was one of the few cities which once had the right to choose its own bishop or 'warden'. Perhaps this 'arrangement' might now be considered once again?

Bernard O'Grady,

Muswell Hill, London

Sunday Independent