Saturday 25 November 2017

Labour totally out of touch

Madam – I read with interest Minister Rabbitte's article, (Sunday Independent, December 16, 2012). By the time I finished reading it, my interest had turned to disappointment and anger. The content is typical government spindoctoring and clearly written by an individual or group of individuals utterly disconnected from the reality of life in Ireland today.

He began: "How quickly we forget." I would suggest the only people who quickly forget what has happened in this country are those on inflated, undeserved and outrageous salaries, pensions and expenses, a category to which ministers and politicians clearly belong. Those not in that category – the vast majority of Irish people – have not only not forgotten what happened, but continue to experience the devastating impact of what happened on a daily basis.

The Labour Party, in implementing and overseeing highly regressive and blatantly unfair decisions since coming to power, has demonstrated a frightening willingness to abandon everything it stands for.

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