Monday 22 January 2018

Labour has already 'gone'

Madam – With regard to your poll figures (Sunday Independent, July 7, 2013), when a party begins to dip in the polls frequently, if not regularly, into single figures, it is time to do some serious strategic thinking – and take action. The clock is ticking towards next year's locals and Europeans. In those counts, we will see intrinsically excellent Labour candidates not getting sufficient first preferences (and early transfers) to be 'electable' – let alone 'elected'. Worse will follow at the General Election.

After the Meath East by-election, commentators suggested that the Labour Party had become obsessed with what in Hiberno-English are known clumsily as 'social issues'. Paling into insignificance beside the real social issue: whether 'ordinary people' have a reasonable and equitable standard of living. Food on the table, a roof over the head, clothes on the body today. A secure income at the end of each week. A future for them, their children and grandchildren.

A serious social democratic party must offer a critique of the global socio-economic system which brought us to this point – and the flaws in our society, ethics and politics which did not equip us to deal with the threat. Articulate the acute need for really serious 'reform' in the way in which we do things. Even the way we think about things.

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