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Kop on

• The recent race row between Luis Suarez of Liverpool and Patrice Evra of Manchester United has seen a tremendous amount of print, combined with, in my opinion, a massive over-reaction by Liverpool Football Club. We saw Manchester United respond.

All of this done on the basis of what?

The Football Association should be condemned for issuing a ruling without also publishing the reasons why.

The problem now is that people will believe that the reasons why -- when finally published -- may have been tainted by what has been published in the papers since the charges were announced. They have left themselves open to being accused of being unfair. This is a disgrace.

Liverpool and Manchester United should simply have issued statements supporting their players and made no further comment until the issued had been finalised.

Racist behaviour is a vile and disgusting part of human behaviour that should be dealt with in a very harsh manner.

Bernard Brennan
Address with editor

Irish Independent