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King Henry

• In relation to Joe Canning's comments reported in your paper (Irish Independent, September 12) the following applies.

When he has achieved: Eight All-Ireland Senior Hurling, 12 Leinster Senior Hurling, 2 Leinster U21, 2 Leinster Minor, 5 National League, 2 All-Ireland Club, 3 Leinster Club, 3 Railway Cup, 4 County and 3 Fitzgibbon Cup medals, 10 All Stars and 27 goals and 471 points in championship play, he will be able to comment on what is or is not sportsman-like.

Until then, Henry is the king and Joe the great pretender!

Sheila Maloney
Tullamore, Co Offaly

• Even though the GAA has allocated €100,000 to Kilkenny and Galway as a reward for their replay, Joe Canning has thrown 'a pigeon among the cats'. Will there ever be a real Croke Park Agreement?

Sean Kelly
Newtown Hill, Tramore, Waterford

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