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Kicking the pensioner down the road

• The definition of a pension is a periodic payment in consideration of past services, and the definition of an old-age pension is a state allowance to aged people.

I am sick of reading about bankers on €500,000 pensions and many of the politicians, who fast-tracked the economy into the state it's in, being paid €200,000 in pensions yearly.

I won't even get into the Croke Park Agreement here, but when the people of Ireland are having to pick up the tab for a bailout we didn't ask for and are facing new taxes on a yearly basis, somebody has to ask: "Where does it end?" Why on earth would anybody require €500,000, or even €100,000, of a pension?

Come on, pensioners receive around €10,000 of a pension per annum, with a small fuel, electricity and phone allowance.

There is talk of making them pay for travel and TV allowances which, when you think of our TV coverage and transport system, is a bit rich.

But seriously, first they are panicked with the threat of medical cards being withdrawn, then they are charged prescription fees, and yet, we allow banks to pay grossly over-inflated pensions to people who played their part in our current financial crisis.

This is after the previous government kept the banking system afloat with a bailout, which future generations will be lumbered with, and I am bored hearing about our 'special position'. Let's see the colour of your money Dr Merkel and keep your platitudes.

As for Enda Kenny gracing the cover of 'Time' magazine, well that and a couple of euro will get you a cappuccino.

I'm sure that all those parents worrying about another cut in the children's allowance will be enthused by that. It's time that Finance Minister Michael Noonan got tougher on the banks.

If the law needs changing to do so, then let's do it. God knows, we have referendum after referendum, so why not another one.

Mike Geraghty

Irish Independent