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Kenny's cynicism

Sir -- There is something pathetic, cynical and contemptible about the Taoiseach's recent speech during which he berated the Vatican.

Didn't the regime that delivered him to power have a symbiotic relationship with the Catholic Church since its inception, and that applied across the political non-divide?

As Vince Cable put it in the Murdoch context: when the tyrant is finally deposed, the amount of people who suddenly find that they have been against him all the time is surprising.

The appropriate action at this juncture would be the silencing of the clergy, the confiscation of all church property, with an apology for ever having allowed such a pernicious institution to gain a foothold in the statelet.

What we have seen is gesture politics for that is all that the regime is capable of delivering, and perhaps, at the end of the day, that is all the populace is worthy of.

William Barrett,


Surrey, UK

Sunday Independent