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Kenny is out of touch

Madam -- In Athlone last week, our Taoiseach showed how out of touch he is with many Irish families who are losing their children to emigration. When Mr Kenny said, "I'm not forcing anybody out, don't make a charge like that on me. They are leaving unfortunately, we are trying to rectify that situation," he refused to take any responsibility for the thousands of young people who have little choice but to leave their homes.

What exactly is the Government strategy to 'rectify the situation' of young adult emigration? How will they 'rectify the situation' for my two children currently in Australia? When they have to return home to more unemployment and to be treated like social outcasts if they can't find a job, what will Enda do for them?

Mr Kenny displayed hostility towards our less fortunate people, those who experience the devastation of unemployment and related poverty. He implied it is their fault. Get a job, he says. The majority of those who are unemployed would be more than happy to get a job if there were enough jobs available. And our Taoiseach, if he were in touch with the real world, would know that.

But, hey isn't it easy to behave this way when you are confident of getting a gross wage (excluding perks -- travel, laundry, telephone, accommodation etc) of €200,000 every year while he is Taoiseach. Enda's minister friends take €169k and his TD mates take €90k+ every year until we get the chance to throw them out. When we do, they go back to their lovely homes and lives with pensions that ordinary people just dream of. There is no recession in Enda's Life.

It's easy for Enda Kenny to dismiss his subjects with such arrogance. These are the people he was elected to help. He could instead show respect and compassion for them. Perhaps then he might be able to begin to work towards rectifying the situation for all unemployed people and young emigrants.

Grace Wills,

Clondalkin, Dublin 22

Sunday Independent