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Kenny deserves respect in media

It seems it is not only the political class that needs to change its mentality, but also the media.

Since Enda Kenny became leader of Fine Gael, it has been the default position to infer he is holding Fine Gael back and if only it had a different leader that would increase Fine Gael's rating to 40pc and beyond.

There was no golden age of parliamentary democracy in Ireland before the cronyism of Celtic Tiger and FF brought the country to the brink.

The Ireland of two-and-a-half political parties in the 1980s was not a nice place to live and I defy anyone who lived through it to say, despite the mess we are in now, that they'd like to turn the clock back.

Since Mr Kenny became leader of Fine Gael, he has completely transformed that party so it has gone from risk of oblivion to being on the cusp of winning an election for the first time since November 1982.

Fine Gael is the largest party at European level and it is the largest party at local level.

And, according to successive opinion polls, it is about to become the largest party at Dail level, too, which is something that even Garret FitzGerald never managed, yet still the media refuse to give Enda Kenny the credit he deserves.

If he succeeds in reforming Ireland as much as he has reformed and revived Fine Gael, then there is hope for the future.

Desmond FitzGerald
Canary Wharf, London

Irish Independent