Wednesday 17 January 2018

Keeping the faith

• She comes on prime-time radio to let us know that she has left the Catholic Church because it will not ordain women. She can no longer tolerate the inequality of it all. So many women were so ill-treated, apparently. Well, welcome to the real world, Olivia O'Leary.

I used to believe in equality. I used to think it was something I had and that existed to greater or lesser extents for all men and women. And then I got pregnant and the sham of society was opened wide for me. Men and women get sick, so the concept of sick pay pervades all employment. Only women get pregnant, so guess what? Almost no employer pays female employees while they are away from work after giving birth to a child. Lovely, eh!

But back to the Catholic Church -- if it was a golf club or some sort of secular association I might think Olivia's argument held water, but the Catholic, or Roman Catholic, Church is none of those things.

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