Sunday 25 March 2018

Keeping faith

• I write in response to David Quinn's article as a critically thinking Catholic, thanks to Catholic schooling, who is upset by the silencing of priests and theologians and is tired of being dismissed as "a la carte".

It seems any criticism of church practices or even discussion of them is equated with tweeting the 95 Theses, and hell hath no fury like a hierarchy scorned. (If only the real threat from paedophiles had prompted such swift sanctions.)

The usual analogy is that the Catholic Church is a club with rules and if you don't like the rules, you can get out. But rules in clubs change and are debated. Of course, the point is then made that they are God's rules and so cannot be changed, even though Jesus, God, said nothing about contraception, women or married priests and, as a Jew, would have followed rules like not eating pork, because His Father, God, insisted on that rule.

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