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Keeping faith

• Eric Maughan (Letters, December 29) casts Martin Luther as an "errant clergyman" and alleges there are "inherent deficiencies" in all traditions emanating from the Lutheran Church. Is it not a fact that, five years after the death and resurrection of Jesus, a Jew, His followers founded the Christian Church? Therefore, they too were "errant clergymen"?

Mr Maughan, by default, claims neither "errant clergy" or "inherent deficiencies" can exist in the Roman Catholic Church. If so, then what of RC clergy who sexually abused children? Or, for that matter, their colleagues using "mental reservation" to protect them from civil law? My considered opinion is that there is far too much emphasis on the passage in the Mass: "Look not on our sins, but on the faith of your church."

God sent His son for everyone: not just for a particular self-appointed elite of any sect or creed. My own belief is that it is to God that each of us will give an account of the individual talents we received for the good of humanity during our time in this universe; not alone our adherence to a particular religious belief.

Declan Foley
Bewick, Australia

Irish Independent