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Keep challenging consensus

Madam – On my first cursory glance through last weekend's Sunday Independent I almost packed it all up, abandoned my place and moved to the Blasket Islands (preferably Tearaght, furthest from the mainland).

What had me in this apoplectic rage is our inept state institutions.

When I returned to my Sindo some time later, I suddenly became in danger of enjoying myself. Brendan O'Connor was exposing the straw man Enda –also known as the mascot of Davos – quite beautifully. Declan Lynch had the habitual kick at bookmakers inc; Stephen Donnelly had a well-crafted economic case regarding the one-per-centers.

Gene Kerrigan was at his brilliant, insightful best savaging a kind of sacred cow.

Despite feeling a little grimy I also relished Aoife Drew's Paris report on the troubles of that farcical figure, Hollande – some deep-seated jealousy of the parish bull on my part no doubt.

If not for this journalistic resistance and consensus-challenging which gives me hope, I could have found myself in Dingle harbour.

David Cotter,

Co Cork

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