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Keep a sense of place in new codes

I note with alarm that we are shortly to have a system of postcodes inflicted upon us.

Before we allow some technical wizards to visit this cultural vandalism upon us, could I suggest that townland names be incorporated into the proposed postal code system so that they are preserved for posterity?

According to the Placenames Commission, Ireland is blessed with having at least 61,201 townlands.

Anyone living in rural Ireland will tell you that many of their local fields and hillocks have their own names, the origins of which are the subject of detailed local study.

Irish people are noted for having a very strong sense of place.

By using townland and other local names, people going about their daily business will continue to tap into a rich vein of history reaching back into the dawn of time.

Gay Brocklesby
Beechwood Lawn, Dun Laoire

Irish Independent