Katie Taylor is a true ambassador who has nothing left to prove

Katie Taylor will step up in weight class when she takes on Chantelle Cameron for the light-welterweight world title in Dublin's 3Arena on May 20. Photo: David Fitzgerald/Sportsfile

Letters to the Editor

At last, Katie Taylor will fight in front of her fellow Irish people at the 3Arena on May 20 (‘Hearn says Croke Park talks over Taylor fight fee left a bad taste’, Irish Independent, March 21).

Katie is one of the finest ambassadors Ireland has ever had. Her achievements and humble demeanour mark her out as a very special person.

As well as being a dominant world champion since turning pro, Taylor had an incredible amateur career, winning gold medals at five world championships and 12 golds at European championships. There was also the unforgettable Olympic gold she won in 2012.

Taylor is also a very talented soccer player and played for Ireland 11 times before hanging up her boots to focus on boxing.

Her next fight was due to be against Amanda Serrano, in a rematch of their world title fight. However, Serrano has dropped out. Taylor beat the American in the last fight but it was an extremely punishing battle.

She has now decided to step up in weight to fight Chantelle Cameron. Each time a fighter steps up in weight, it gets harder.

Of course, victory in front of the Irish fans and another world title would be the dream.

Win or lose, I hope Katie retires after it. She is closer to 40 than 30, and age must be a key consideration in a sport as tough as boxing.

She has nothing left to prove and is a national treasure. I’m confident many others share that view. Best of luck in May, Katie.

Fran Nolan

Tallaght, Dublin 24

This is the golden age of Irish rugby – be sure to savour it

Not so long ago, if someone suggested Ireland – with its relatively tiny cohort of rugby players – would win senior and under-20 Grand Slams in the same year, you might think they were in their own world.

If they then said Ireland would be the world’s number-one ranked team while also being considered a favourite to win the World Cup, you would refuse to take them seriously. Truly, this is our golden age. We should enjoy it while we can.

David Ryan

Drumree, Co Meath

It would have been a shock if DUP supported the Windsor Framework

I was worried that the DUP might endorse the Windsor Framework. This is a party that opposed the Good Friday Agreement, the Anglo-Irish Agreement, and the Sunningdale Agreement. It also opposes same-sex marriage.

If it hadn’t opposed the Windsor Framework, I would have had to take a deep, forensic examination of the same document to find what I and so many others missed.

Joseph Mackey

Athlone, Co Westmeath

Is it really in the best interests of children to edit classic books?

As a redhead, I found the word “ginger” annoying, but it was part of life. In recent times, a number of previously loved authors, including Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton, have had their stories tidied up by the woke brigade.

The Famous Five are fond of “lashings of ginger beer”, but perhaps not for much longer. The word “ginger” is offensive, but its removal would leave the Famous Five to drink “lashings of beer”. That would not be ideal, for obvious reasons.

Conversely, James Bigglesworth, from the Biggles adventure books, is in a much better situation. That’s because the woke editors have changed his whiskey to lemonade – a much better choice for someone flying a plane.

All of this raises a bigger question: should we trust children to be able to recognise that fiction is not factual?

Dennis Fitzgerald

Melbourne, Australia

Security issue the latest black mark against Dublin Airport

It is alarming in the extreme to read about below-par security systems at Dublin Airport (‘Warning: Terrorist attack danger as security screening at Dublin Airport ‘not fit for purpose’, Irish Independent, March 20).

A whistleblower has made the disturbing claim to Green Party leader Eamon Ryan and it is now under investigation. Mr Ryan, the Transport Minister, was notified of this precarious situation in June of last year.

More disturbing is a report by the European aviation safety body that seven banned items passed through the airport last year. They included guns and explosives.

We had long queues last year. Then, recently, drones caused huge disruption. Now, we hear security screening could be exploited by terrorists. It is not good enough.

The Transport Minister must get on his bike and, along with DAA, get to the bottom of this dangerous situation before a tragedy lands on our doorstep.

Tom Towey

Cloonacool, Co Sligo