Saturday 7 December 2019

Justifiable cynicism

Madam –I found Pat Rabbitte's complaint about negativity towards politicians by 'the media' very amusing.

When asked on The Frontline why does our Taoiseach earn more than all the other EU leaders, except those of Germany and Luxembourg, he trotted out the usual answer that Enda Kenny had already taken a pay cut (down from an obscene amount to an extraordinary amount) and introduced a system whereby expenses would actually be verified for the first time.

Imagine that.

What he actually meant was that whereas in the past politicians were pigging out at our expense, now they are merely gluttons and we, the citizens, should be eternally grateful for the improvement.

And he wonders why we take a negative view towards him and all his pals in Leinster House.

John McNamara,

Raheny, Dublin

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