Saturday 20 January 2018

Just when we thought the economy was purring nicely...

Pedestrians walk past graffiti in Dublin. Photo: Reuters
Pedestrians walk past graffiti in Dublin. Photo: Reuters
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Though the election is almost upon us, there seems to be an absence of a refined awareness of the way the country is setting itself up for yet another financial crisis. Economic crises usually take a long time to incubate, but financial crises start with a bang.

The gathering clouds result from a reluctance to absorb, in a robust and dispassionate way, how the glaring signs of the Celtic Tiger's terminal illness eluded those in charge. Ireland was in the grip of euphoria.

This is surprising in the light of the fact that we Irish tend to suspect good fortune. For instance if you offer the greeting, "What a lovely sunny day!" the response tends to be, "Aye, but will it last?"

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