Thursday 19 April 2018

Just imagine if we were to blame

Sir -- Could someone please explain to me, in simple terms, what is the difference between this Government and the previous one? It seems to me that we, the people, have only traded in one breed of pigs for another, to put their snouts into the Dail trough.

How else can I explain events over the past few months where advisors are appointed from the ranks of apparatchiks and, before they have even done a stroke of work, they are given a pay rise. I understood an election promise was that all jobs would be advertised. I would have thought that with over 440,000 unemployed there would have been a suitable number of qualified people willing to work for the existing salary.

It seems to me that nothing has changed in Dail Eireann although, outside of it, the landscape has changed radically. We are still being fed the canard that existing contracts, with large pensions attached, must be honoured. These were drawn up when Ireland was supposedly in a different financial world. Why not test the validity of these contracts in the courts? Oh, I forgot. The judiciary are not trusted to be impartial unless they are given salaries in line with top grade civil servants. These same civil servants are rewarded for their incompetence by being transferred, with pensions, to that other bottomless pit of ineptitude, the European Commission and its many sub divisions. It did not take the present incumbents of Dail Eireann long to become house-trained. Sir Humphrey would have been proud of them!

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