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Just give us a break on ‘sexism’ gripes

CAN the Irish Independent give us a break on people accusing each other of being sexist?

Yesterday, you reported that Averil Power of Fianna Fail – who must be scouring the media every day looking for something worthwhile to take offence at – called Pat Rabbitte sexist because of a throwaway remark about women.

Get a life, Averil. And by the way, do you understand the offside rule or do you prefer knitting?

Then we had Eamon Dunphy and Fintan O'Toole claiming that Elaine Byrne was being sexist because she called them two auld codgers – or words to that effect – on RTE.

Dunphy and Toole make a handsome living out of slating other people, but when the boot is on the other foot they run off wailing to mummy like two big girls’ blouses.

Give us a break, boys and girls.

Mike O'Neill
Dooradoyle, Limerick