Friday 6 December 2019

Junkets. . . Church horror. . . Tom Cruise. . . Boot camp

BRIAN Cowen is dispatching ministers and junior ministers all over the world to celebrate Ireland's national day. Each of them has been given a mandate to return with new jobs for Ireland.

Well, perhaps I can save them the arduous trip to Australia.

At the moment, this country is suffering high unemployment and both state and federal governments are doing their utmost to attract manufacturing here from other countries.

Declan Foley

Berwick, Australia

OUR politicians think they must be out of the country on St Patrick's Day in order to convince themselves of their Irishness, but why does the Attorney General do likewise, even though the post is a political appointment?

Michele Savage

Dublin 12

THE only adequate response to the horrors the Catholic Church has inflicted on the people of this country would be to pass legislation confiscating all of its property and donating any money raised to children's charities. By the way, I completely concur with Sinead O'Connor's recent comments.

Mark Howard

Dublin 8

GO on, scoff, be a cynic. But I can categorically assure you that Hollywood actor Tom Cruise's claim to Irish ancestry with Roscommon roots is absolutely valid.

In fact, by dint of exhaustive research, I have unearthed irrefutable documentary evidence that Tom's great great grandfather was one of the Shannon Cruises!

Brendan Casserly

Waterfall, Cork

REGENERATION in Limerick is a waste of time if the criminal element is not permanently removed.

The young untouchables' parents should be made to pay for a boot camp to incarcerate the criminal minors.

Dr Florence Craven

Maynooth, Co Kildare

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