Saturday 16 December 2017

Junior doctors have many reasons to leave

IN response to Stuart MacAogain's letter criticising junior doctors who emigrate (Irish Independent, July 14), does he perceive a 114-hour week, minimal sleep, minimal toilet breaks, minimal chances for eating, poor HR management, poor superior support, poor training facilities, to be adequate for any worker in this country? Why wouldn't we want to go abroad to actually get a chance of decent working conditions?

My colleagues who emigrate will possibly be paid less, but at least have a structured 48-hour maximum week. I have brought all the above to the attention of our HR manager -- only to be laughed at when I quote Labour Court rulings. I have brought it to our consultant's attention -- only to be told "not to rock the boat" and that I am "a professional -- so act like one".

The Irish Medical Organisation has reiterated that certain hospitals have a bad reputation for working conditions. I am staying here to work but I do not entertain disrespect to my colleagues who have had enough of conditions that no other citizen in this country would work under. They are entitled to leave after numerous complaints and appeals fall on deaf ears. Go n-eiri an t-adh libh, I say.

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