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Judging judges

• The media obsession with the Government's judicial appointments is bordering on the ridiculous. Fine Gael and Labour are facing constant criticism for appointing new judges who happened to be supportive of either party in the past.

At the last general election, 65pc of ABC1 voters supported Fine Gael and Labour, with the professional classes supporting them to an even greater degree.

Are the media seriously suggesting that something approaching three-quarters of all suitable candidates should be excluded from consideration purely because they are supporters of the Government parties?

Of those who did not support Fine Gael or Labour, the vast majority supported Fianna Fail. Can the Government seriously be expected to appoint supporters of the previous regime to the bench?

This is the logical extension of the nonsense that is being peddled at the moment.

By any international analysis, the Irish judiciary is of an exceptional standard of competence and impartiality, in contrast with the farcical situations in other countries such as the United States, where the courts are now merely a tool of day-to-day party politics. The persistent commentary that the current system of judicial appointment is somehow inherently corrupt is a highly unfair slur on the integrity of our judges.

Thomas Ryan
Address with editor

Irish Independent