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Journalists were cheerleaders

Sir -- Colum Kenny (Sunday Independent, January 30, 2011) stated the obvious when he said that 'we need journalists who can and will dig deep and ask informed but awkward questions'.

He followed that up, however, by saying that 'attempts to pin down bias in the media tend to be inconclusive'.

Where has he being living? Most of the media have been inside the Government tent for years and have acted as cheerleaders for the one-party State that has bankrupted us.

What we got was what the taxpayer-funded spin doctors and their tame journalist friends wanted us to get. They set the agenda and dominated the discourse.

Contrary to Colum Kenny's assertions, therefore, there was no attempt to dig deep or ask awkward questions. If there had been, the country would not be in the mess it now is.

A Leavy,

Sutton, Dublin 13

Sunday Independent