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Jim Higgins is a total disgrace

THE quote from Jim Higgins in the article "It's all s***e: MEP rounds on critics of 'study break" (Irish Independent, October 15) is disgraceful.

He said: "I haven't a clue what star it is. All I know is that it's a very good hotel, the accommodation is wonderful, the food is lovely. For people who work so hard, we're entitled to that. You don't expect us to stay in B&Bs, do you?"

How is that trip justified at all? How can the European People's Party (EPP) allow these things to continue when every country is struggling?

Our politicians are hardly "entitled" to anything other than an average salary -- and by the looks of it, they're being paid too much for their work.

Mr Higgins shouldn't have such an attitude either. Why does he think he should be going to these things and have everything paid for?

If he was paying for it himself, I wonder would he think it was such a great idea.

He is taking advantage of what the EPP is offering and for that he deserves to lose his position. It's time for the politicians to practise what they preach and live within their own means, rather than squandering money that is needed to save our country.

If these politicians had stood up and said that they didn't want to go to Madeira and would prefer for the cost of their trip to go towards the debts of this country, the Irish public would be a lot more likely to support them.

S Anderson
Co Meath

Irish Independent