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Jesus is the only one who can help us overcome evil abuse

Letters to the Editor


Blackrock College in Dublin was one of the Spiritan schools where abuses were inflicted. Photo: Brian Lawless/PA Wire

Blackrock College in Dublin was one of the Spiritan schools where abuses were inflicted. Photo: Brian Lawless/PA Wire

Blackrock College in Dublin was one of the Spiritan schools where abuses were inflicted. Photo: Brian Lawless/PA Wire

The wall-to-wall coverage of the abuse in Holy Ghost Father schools has neglected to mention Jesus Christ, the only one who can bring good out of this evil. Calls for an inquiry, apologies and compensation cannot restore what has been taken away.

Trauma (sin) is an attack on the very essence of our life – that we have been loved into existence and only find fulfilment when we love. It can only be overcome by a greater power, through the process of forgiveness.

The restorative justice initiative announced by the Spiritans is to be welcomed.

Let’s not dismiss and derail it by clinging to a self-righteous culture of blame that only keeps both the perpetrators and the victims imprisoned while at the same time our society remains blind to those evils perpetrated today against our most vulnerable, all in the name of convenience, consent and choice.

Gearóid Duffy, Lee Road, Cork

Nato needs to get real about threat Russia poses to the EU

It was almost laughable to hear Nato secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg say: “There were no signs that Russia was planning to attack Nato countries.”

If Nato leaders think the Russian invasion of Ukraine was not a clear declaration that Russia has already decided to, at some point in the future, attack the EU (Nato), then Nato might as well pack its bags and leave the stage.

It appears the world is again watching a tyrant prepare to wage war on Europe.

Anthony McGeough, Kingswood Heights, Dublin 24

Alone in a world that has grown to eight billion people

The world’s population has officially reached eight billion people. So many still feel alone.

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Damien Carroll, Dublin

Inconsistent outrage about Qatar hosting the World Cup

I am glad to hear Bill Tormey will be joining your own Ian O’Doherty in boycotting the World Cup in Qatar (‘Why I’m joining the boycott on World Cup in Qatar’, Irish Independent, Letters, November 16). I will not be tuning in either.

However, it is interesting to note that many Irish companies are rolling in money from Qatar and Saudi Arabia and (unlike the World Cup or Saudi live golf debacle) nobody bats an eyelid.

Likewise, when Ireland spent €9m to build a Newgrange-inspired pavilion at the Dubai Expo earlier this year (Irish Independent, February 27), there was no fuss made about that either.

This is despite the fact the UAE ranks among the worst offenders in terms of human rights abuses and press freedom – not to mention their harbouring international criminals, our own Kinahan clan among them.

I would love it if someone could please tell me who makes up the rules about what we are supposed to get outraged about, because there appears to be no consistency whatsoever.

Paddy Sharkey, Hollywood, Co Wicklow

I will be tuning in even if Fifa made a disgraceful decision

I am looking forward to the World Cup despite the general low key mood surrounding it.

Obviously, some were calling for teams to boycott the event and suggesting they will not watch the coverage on TV due to human rights abuses in Qatar. I’m not sure that would achieve anything positive.

We can effect change in a positive way by showing the best side of ourselves, our culture and our values, flawed as this may be, and by seeking a root-and-branch change at the top of Fifa.

Fifa needs a good “blattering” for its disgraceful decision to award Qatar the event.

Importantly, the World Cup is not about the location and never was – it’s about the players, coaches and others and the not-so-small matter of the supporters.

RTÉ, BBC and ITV will have my support because I have no doubt they will convey the right message with the help of the players.

Remember, Qatar won’t be lifting the World Cup any time soon.

Aidan Roddy, Cabinteely, Co Dublin

Mounting debt tolls sure to drive us all around the bend

Regarding the road toll increases – we can but cross those bridges when we get to them.

Tom Gilsenan

Beaumont, Dublin 9

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