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Jedward fixation stifling real talent

ONCE again we are seeing what is happening to our music industry with Jedward performing a song to represent Ireland at the Eurovision song contest. It's almost a repeat of Dustin the turkey and nothing to do with the musical talent that is in abundance in this country.

Jedward are 5/6 favourites to win because the song contest is now like the pub song competitions of old where if you have enough friends to vote for you then you can't lose – and with the hype Jedward have already received there's no competition, even though Louis Walsh said he wouldn't interfere.

As a singer-songwriter, I believe the national song contest for Ireland should go back to the old system of professional panels distributed nationwide to select various winners, with the same system being applied to the Eurovision.

Sadly, it's the income generated by the phone calls that dictates what format the judging takes, something similar to ‘X Factor’, which leads me to believe that there is no contest.

If we want to hear some of Ireland's excellent vocal and songwriting talents then access to the airwaves is necessary for the future of our music industry.

Danny Carthy