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Jean Byrne is a breath of fresh air

As a man I fully support weather woman Jean Byrne, who has a modern taste in fashion. The slightest bit of cleavage and our prudish conservative Catholics are up in arms, condemning anything that could represent a bit of style or sex appeal.

We all know that women have a very dynamic taste in fashion and, let's face it, Ms Byrne outdid many other women in the fashion race who are perhaps a little envious and grumpy that they did not think of the stunning dress she wore.

It is high time that our women showed a bit of body. Many Islamic countries allow women no dress freedom whatsoever. They have to hide every scrap of skin and even their eyes in some cases. Men are allowed to go bare-chested in the summer time, while women must be completely covered up at all times.

Ms Byrne has become an important symbol of women's dress freedom and she should be applauded worldwide. It's high time our ultra-conservative and religious fanatics let their hair down a little bit. Perhaps they would start to live again. Well done, Ms Byrne.

Maurice Fitzgerald
Shanbally, Co Cork

Irish Independent