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Jannoree blues. . . Cowards. . . Write-off. . . Enda

HOW astute and perceptive your letter writers are. One in particular has taken RTE, quite rightly, to task over their reporters' inability to pronounce their words properly. Fear not readers, this is still the month of Jannoree. It will get better soon, in Feboree.

Sean Kelly
Tramore, co waterford

  • Were Thierry Henry a defender, his intentional double handling of the ball would have incurred a penalty. It seems that the rules do not apply equally in all areas of the pitch to all countries.

Michele Savage
Dublin 12

  • What a cowardly bunch of thugs the dissident republicans are. Planting a bomb under the car of a brave and courageous PSNI officer is the act of a coward. Most people in the Republic only feel contempt for this group who bring shame and dishonour on all decent republicans, dead and alive.

Eileen Malone
Dublin 14

  • Kieran Sullivan hit the nail on the head (Letters, January 19) in exposing the truth about a Government that has rewarded Bertie Ahern with salary, pensions and tax breaks.

How is it he couldn't remember anything in front of the Mahon Tribunal, but was able to recall his past to write his book.

Why is he given a tax break as an artist while charities have to pay VAT?

Andrew Lunn
Maynooth, co kildare

  • Enda KennY was really put on the spot by Ryan Tubridy during last Friday's 'The Late Late Show'. Firstly, the question of all the "experience" the present crowd have in government as against any alternative. And secondly, his failure to do business with Sinn Fein. Methinks Mr Kenny is well rid of both the experience and of SF, given the experiences of both. A sort of Donald Rumsfeld's "known knowns".

Brendan Cafferty
Ballina, co Mayo

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