Thursday 22 February 2018

Ivory towers

There is some truth in the claim that academics (such as Bernard Kelly, January 26) do sometimes live in ivory towers.

His suggestion that there is any sort of equivalence or comparability between joining the anti-racist Allied forces fighting for democracy and joining the invading anti-democratic racist Nazis led by a dictatorship -- whose military invasions resulted in the mass murder of six million Jews, the murder of four million Polish Catholics, the murder of millions of Soviet civilians, the murder of hundreds of thousands of Slavs, homosexuals and Romany/gypsies, not to mention the gassing to death of tens of thousands of mentally and physically disabled -- is truly the most astounding I have heard.

Our Irish soldiers, in choosing to join the Allied forces, made a wholly moral choice. They fought for democracy and freedom for all. Fighting for the Nazis would have meant the total opposite.

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