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I've seen the future -- and it's still Green

MUCH has been made of the fact that many voters feel despair over the perceived lack of leadership and vision for the future of this nation from all our political parties.

Stranded in my home by the severe weather over the past number of weeks, it became clear to me that one party has a clear vision based on sustainable economic growth, civic responsibility and the protection of our environment.

As a result of Green Party policy, I was able to install a wood pellet burner with grant aid. This served me well over the shocking weather and will continue to serve me well when oil supplies dwindle in the near future. My mother, also with grant aid, insulated her home and has significantly reduced her heating bills this winter.

Had Green Party policies been implemented 15 years ago, we would not now have 120,000 houses in ghost estates.

The Planning and Development Act -- a Green Party initiative -- was enacted last year. It has put the interests of our citizens first and will prevent further urban sprawl.

There would have been proper investment in public transport, which would have eased the transport difficulties that resulted from the recent freeze.

We would have been paying for our water and therefore less likely to waste this precious resource. Monies would have been spent upgrading our crumbling supply infrastructure.

It is indeed ironic that the Climate Change Bill is being published as Ireland and the world are undergoing the type of shocking weather events that it is designed to mitigate.

The Green Party has proven that it has always its eye on the ball and an eye to the future of our country and the planet.

Roisin Lawless
Athboy, Co Meath

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