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It's time for Ahern to tell us the truth

Before anybody gets carried away with the thought of former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern becoming President, one should consider the following.

Mr Ahern was forced from office in the midst of a scandal regarding his personal finances, specifically relating to tax issues. His resignation was an admission of guilt that all was not well with the golden child of Fianna Fail.

As Taoiseach, it should be remembered that he presided over a country immersed in political scandal. His government looked after special interests above all else, such as giving myriad tax breaks to developers who have sunk the country along with the bankers.

Just because there is a dearth of candidates, especially male ones, for the Presidency, does not mean we should employ one who has been around politics too long.

An executive-style Presidency would create all kinds of legal difficulties and give Fianna Fail an unfair advantage in the public eye in fending off the scold of public ridicule for the mess the country is in at the moment.

Thousands of people all over this country are coughing up to the Revenue Commissioners and getting their houses repossessed. It is time for Bertie Ahern -- as a potential presidential candidate and head of state -- to tell the nation if the rules governing his affairs are the same as everybody else's.

Maurice Fitzgerald
Shanbally, Co Cork

Irish Independent