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It's time Bruton led by example on salaries

I AGREE with Richard Bruton in that increased employment will come from freeing up the labour market and making our country more competitive.

Keeping the reduced minimum wage in place would have been a big step in the same direction. Making our economy more competitive is, however, about looking at every section of the economy. The dogs in the street know that our highest earners are out of line with Europe, and it makes our pleas for EU assistance look stupid.

Mr Bruton has not been as vocal recently about the high earners as he has about individuals on relatively low earnings. Nearly all the high earners are linked with each other, eg politicians are linked to high-earning civil servants. They are the "establishment". They write the cheque for their own salaries.

We need to break this club up. Fianna Fail and the Greens paid a high price for keeping their cosy establishment club in place, while the ordinary workers suffered proportionally much more. The question for Mr Bruton after 100 days in office is, have you joined the club? Change and equity must start at the top. It is called leading by example.

John Murphy
Glasnevin, Dublin 9

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