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It’s the average punter who always suffers

I READ with shock the front page story in yesterday’s Irish Independent. Now it appears that the Government is completely powerless to do anything about the salaries of higher-level public servants.

Only the previous day, we were informed that the Government was also “powerless” to end the contracts of top bankers without paying them millions in compensation.

Are we as a nation to be taken as complete and utter morons? The people who caused this economic devastation will end up with millions of euro in compensation; the top public servants will keep their inflated salaries and developers are still living a super lifestyle.

Meanwhile, the Government is reducing the wages of lower public servants and the pensions of retired public servants, as well as cutting social welfare payments and increasing levies and taxes.

Many of those at the bottom rung of the ladder have seen their sons and daughters move overseas for jobs. I wonder how many at the top have seen their families split up in this manner.

We truly have a two-tier society.


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